• Hyderabad realty to notably regain normal state rapidly than other cities By chandra mouly on 10/07/2020 | 0 comment

    As per Telangana confederation of Real estate developers and association of India, The real estate market in Hyderabad will bounce back much faster than other cities as positive sentiment still prevails and sales are happening in the city despite Covid-19 pandemic. On an analysis, it’s discovered that Enquiries improved a lot and sales are happening. However, sales vary from project to project. But sentiment is not low in Hyderabad though that is not the case with other cities like Mumbai and New Delhi. It is expected that a significant bounce-back in sales by around September this year. “As there is no widespread negativity and pessimism in the market, the expectation in the Hyderabad market to bounce back much faster than other cities. One of the financial major had sanctioned six project loans in Hyderabad during Covid-19 period and all of them are fresh loans. It sanctioned the loans without reducing the value of any of the projects, which is very positive sign”. Market has slowed down a bit in Hyderabad and Telangana. That’s a fact. But there is no way property prices will go down. In the wake of increase in cement, steel prices and labour expenses, construction cost has…Read More

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